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HERBEco™ Water Saving Health Faucet

Now in INDIA!!!
Revolutionary water saving Health Faucets
Choose between full set or just the Add-on saver (50-60% water saving)Consumption : 3 to 4 litres/minBest in market(Conventional Health Faucets consume 20-24 litres/min)

HERBEco™ Water Saving Health Faucet
Reduce your water usage by 50% in 60 seconds

The HERBEco™ Health Faucet can reduce your toilet water consumption by upto 50-60%.
Conventional Health faucets deliver around 12 Litres of Water/Minute.
HerbEco Health Faucets delivers 3 Litres of Water/Minute.
Approximately that's a saving of around 25 Litres of Water/Person for 2 bathroom visits a day. This 25 LPM is going down as sewage water today. Save it!!
Conserve water, reduce water/ power bills & save the planet.

Experience the saving

In a regular health faucet, water gushes out and most of it just passes your hands or bounces off. In the end, you have only used the water that touched your skin. Imagine billions of gallons of fresh water running straight down the drain every day.

Now in INDIA!!!


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